Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds

And fine bird tops make fine additions to my closet. I love this top very much, especially the bit of lace paneling on the sides and shoulder that give it textural variety. The satiny sheen makes me feel more polished even if I'm duckfacing!
Earlier this week, I was (rudely) awakened by a loud hooting followed by a shrill whistle coming right outside my window. Apparently, some birds are up way before dawn and find it amusing to sing the song of their people for everyone within a mile radius to hear. This sound continued for over 10 bloody minutes, and we all know that minutes are longer when it's 5:00 am. I lied in bed, piling pillows on my ears, pretty much agreeing to sell my first born child in exchange for another hour of sweet, sweet, birdless silence. 
top: Maison Jules at Macy's
bodycon skirt, chain necklace: Forever 21
booties: Urban Outfitters