Simple Mod

Though I love the bold lines and exaggerated lashes prominent in most mod looks, I need a simpler, more wearable look to wear everyday. Using makeup I already have I came up with this simple and still totally mod-feeling face. 
For me, mod = strong eyes and a pale lip. So I drew out a longer wing using gel liner (L'oreal Gel Lacquer) set with the blackest eyeshadow I had (Stiletto from Too Faced). Because I have hooded lids, I drew the wings a lot higher than I usually do as well, so you can still see the liner when I open my eyes really wide. 

For the bottom part of the eyes, I took the black shadow from the top and lined my eyes about 1/4 of the way in. Then, I used a drew a white line with an eye pencil, following the contour of my eyes, starting from the inside and stopped about 3/4 of the way. 

Since my lips are a bit pink, I had to dab some concealer on top before I slathered Bite Beauty's High Pigmented Lip Pencil in Madeira. 


I'm not too fond of beanies, but this look seemed to call for one. Thank goodness for B! During the winter, he's a regular beanie-wearer, so he found me one to go with this outfit stat! Instantly, I felt a bit "street," which is not a style I wear, and the feeling was only amplified by this graffiti doorway we stumbled upon while walking to lunch.
A lot of people have asked me if I miss my hair or if I feel weird about my new length. (Check out my new 'do here!) Truth be told, I really don't feel weird or sad about it at all. Hair grows, and I'm very excited to come up with different ways to wear my new, short hair.
skirt: Forever 21
sweater: gifted
skull top: H&M
booties: Urban Outfitters
beanie: borrowed from B

Park Dates

On those days when there is nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine, B and I like to soak up some rays while walking and people watching at our neighborhood park. It was still a bit chilly so there weren't a lot of other explorers out with us, so we took advantage of that by taking tons of pictures. 
Because B is a lot camera shy, I took a snapshot of his collar/cardigan combo. But believe me, his pants and his shoes were awesometastic. There are a lot of pieces in his closet that I steal borrow when I feel like I have nothing to wear. I'm glad he doesn't mind wearing something after I've "girlified" it.    
Isn't this fountain lovely? There are ducks and geese that gather and swim on the pond, and B and I just follow the birds and make up stories about them. Then when we get bored or lose sight of our feathery friends, we end up watching people and making up stories about them. The people in our stories have very juicy stories.
blazer: Old Navy
polka dot top: ASOS
tights: HUE
booties: Steve Madden
dress: thrifted