Happy (long) weekend!

It's Friday night, and I'm in my jammies,blogging while watching Gravity. It's kinda hard to think about what to write while trying not to freak out about being stuck in space. Alls I know is that I'm glad it's Friday and we have a long weekend ahead. I plan on getting a much needed haircut and finally getting some crafting done. (Hopefully I get a couple of books read too!) 

The picture above is from one of my favorite spots in St. Louis-- Art Hill in Forest Park. From the top, one gets a view of the lush scenery and some gorgeous fountains. From the bottom, the beautiful St. Louis Art Museum. B and I took a day off work to chill on Art Hill, reading and people watching. It was a  very lovely day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! I'm signing off so I can freak out more about (deadly, scary, beautiful) space.