Since moving to St. Louis, I haven't had the chance to go thrifting a lot. I was so eager to find new shops, especially since we were moving to a bigger city, but haven't had any luck finding ones that actually had a reliably good stock. And I know that that is the point of thrifting-- to find the gem among the "non-gems," but I've been spoiled by the manicured small town thrift stores filled with vintage treasures. So I was really happy when I stumbled upon ThredUp a couple weeks ago. Just to be clear, I am not being sponsored by ThredUp, and I purchased all the items below with my own money.
Part of the account sign up process were answering questions pertaining to your style preferences. Then they take you to a "collection" page based on how you answered your questions. Apparently, I fall under the "Edgy" category, boasting brands like BCBG, All Saints, and Topshop, mostly used but for over 70% their original price. I was intrigued, plus they had a promo for 40% off my first purchase, so I took the plunge. 
I ordered 8 pieces of clothing for a grand total of $51.25 shipped free. One item was dirty, so they didn't send it to me and refunded me the difference. It was such a shame because I was really looking forward to getting that dress! :( I also wish they had told me via email that I wasn't going to get the dress so I wouldn't have been surprised not to see it in my order. The refund put my total below the free shipping range, but they sent it for free anyway, which was very nice!
My polka dotted box came in a little over a week later, and my order was neatly folded and wrapped in tissue on the inside.
Here are my goodies! The leftmost one is a lace top from Appleseed's that's blending inconspiciously with my bedding. Next to it is a dress from Loft and a mesh top from Sweet Pea. I got a Simply Vera Wang top and Mossimo peplum skirt as well as a lavander and lace Sparkle and Fade top. The last one on the right is a purple peplum top from Mossimo. 
All the items were very clean and have these cute tags pinned on them. I was thrilled that none of them, though used, were faded or worn, and I had a couple of items that still had the tags attached to them! All of them, thankfully, fit too.  Returning is the one part of online shopping that I hate, so I'm glad I don't have to go through that!
If you're interested in giving ThredUp a try, follow this link to get $20 off of your order! I'm looking forward to shopping them again when the Fall hits. If you do try it out, let me know what you think!