Chop it off

After mulling over it for a long time, I finally went ahead and got my hair cut chopped. My head feels a thousand times lighter, and I don't have to mess with a bazillion hair ties just to tame it before bed every. single. day.

Chicago in 22 hours

Last weekend was a whirlwind involving an impromptu trip to Chicago. Five hours of driving through an immensely bare (and flat) landscape, we finally made it to the Windy City on Friday. It's been a good long time since we'd been back. We frequented it more when we lived just 2 hours south of it, and though our trip was short, it was a very nice visit!
The reason for our visit, and honestly, the only other reason I'd go visit Chicago is my good friend J. How do you know we'd click? We unknowingly bought the same sweater. So of course, we had to take our Tigeriffic swag out to town. At one of the bars we went to, the staff swooned over our coordination. A random gal wearing a tee with a huge tiger on it asked us immortalize our Tigertastic tastes. It was awesome.
J has a peculiarly alluring sense of style composed of meshing religious relics and antiques (and antique-inspired) with touches of Mexican flair. 
I also finally got to meet Lenny the cat. Lenny is huge and fluffy and old, and all he does is plop! 
Since I didn't even have time to properly pack for the trip, I nabbed the comfiest and easiest stuff to wear. Tights + boots + loose top = Laura looking put together. It was a bit chilly so I grabbed this coat that I scored from my work's recent sample sale. Then, we were off to make the most of our Saturday!
I'm a firm believer in starting any day right. Thus, breakfast. Since J is a HUGE Taco Bell lover, and because B and I were curious about their new breakfast fare, we made that our first stop. Awful decision. I took one bite before deciding not to eat any of the eggs/cheese. Then took another bite and stopped altogether. Thank the maker I got a hashbrown because I had to subsist on that until lunchtime.
We then spent a huge chunk of the morning at Mitsuwa, a Japanese shopping center. We all stocked up on pastries, Japanese candies and treats, magazines, and some cute knick knacks. 
And I (starving) got myself a Gabutto burger! Teriyaki beef sandwiched between two rice buns, and some sour cream and onion flavored fries-- YUM!
After we wore ourselves out, we hopped right back into the car and drove back into the city. I surprised myself by belting out most of the lyrics to "The Ketchup Song." We decided to walk off our lunches while getting our shopping fixes. One of our "regular" places to shop is at the Belmont Army. If you've never been, there are five floors of awesomeness: a boutique, a skate shop, military goods, vintage, and a whole floor of footwear. 
Surprisingly, I walked out with nothing, even after spending forever trying on stuff. I guess the stars just weren't aligned. Shortly afterwards, B and I had to pack up and leave for home since we had a pottery class early Sunday morning.  
The drive back was long, and we were chasing the light. Then I promptly plopped on the bed and slept the night away. 

The opposite of cool

gifted Modcloth dress
polka dot cardigan from Marshall's
thrifted belt
polka dot tights from Target

Oh, hi! It's been a while.

During my mini hiatus from blogging I've rekindled my love of cooking, (especially homemade lunches and dinners) whiled away lots of hours in the pottery studio, and spent lots of much-needed time with B. I needed some down time to think about my priorities and goals, plus I was getting cranky from staring at a computer screen all day at work and then having to do the same at home. I don't know how much time I'll be able to spend writing new posts and whatnot, but I've learned that putting too much pressure on keeping a "regular" blogging schedule can be unhealthy, at least for me. So for now, I'll blog when I can and when I want.

I've been wanting to share this outfit for a while now, especially since when I wore it to work, a colleague exclaimed that I looked very unlike my "cool" self. What? My coworker wasn't being mean or insensitive. I think he was at a loss of words when it comes to distinguishing styles. No biggie. Especially since I felt darling in this dress that B got me for Christmas last year. I don't usually like orange, but after he got me this and I saw how pretty the color was against my hair, I bought 3 more orange things. No joke. And will you look at that collar? Gush.

Now let's talk Gash, as in hosiery slashing. This is the last outfit these polka dot tights graced. When I got home, I found a large tights gash on the right thigh. It must have snagged somewhere, and I just never noticed! But these babies lasted at least 2 years, so they've been well-loved. It's a good thing the temps are a-rising so I can postpone tights shopping for a little longer!