Sensibility be damned

shirt, denim: H&M
shoes: Urban Outfitters
necklace: Banana Republic

It's so freaking cold. 

B and I bought a new (and very heavy) comforter last weekend since we didn't want to turn the heat up to a sensible temperature just yet. Currently, it's 65F in the house, I'm wearing 2 sweaters, and wrapped in a blanket. SENSIBILITY BE DAMNED (for just a few more days, I'm sure.)

In other news, I have been pottery-ing (potting?) and knitting like a madwoman. My job has been a lot stressful during this busy season, and I'm finding solace (and sanity) in yarn and clay. And of course, getting dressed, no matter how minimal the effort I put in outfit assembly. (Ps. I just wanted to show off my new fave necklace)