Slightly unrealistic expectations

sweater: Forever 21
denim: H&M
boots: Target
purse: Juicy Couture

A while back, B and I drove to Cahokia to visit the mounds. A few days before our trip, a colleague of mine mentioned that when she and her kids visited, they had a blast walking the trails and learning about all different functions of the mounds there. There were temple mounds, burial mounds-- and I have no idea what else she said because I latched onto burial mounds like Velcro on Velcro.

Note: did you notice that I'm not smiling in any of these pictures? It's because I was extremely disappointed NOT to actually see open-faced burial mounds like I was expecting to find. Don't ask my why I thought I would see skeletons and stuff in a family-friendly attraction, but I did. 

I suppose my expectations are slightly unrealistic.