Try something else

top: alternative
pants: H&M
booties: Guess
necklace: b.p.
purse: Nine West

My belly is full of Italian Wedding Soup. It's been raining since 9 am this morning. I cannot believe the weather forecast for 100% chance of precipitation was spot on. It's damp and gross, and muddy and wet outside, thus it's the perfect opportunity to stay inside and make soup, light candles, pet cats, and goof off on the interwebs.

Sad news: my favorite pair of glasses (these ones I have on) are dead. B crushed them with his ass. And now I'm sad. And my face looks so different.

I tried to find the same frames online, but alas, the style is already sold out, and I can't seem to find thick. black frame, mega large, square-ish frames anywhere. I guess it's time for me to accept the fact that I got my $7.00 worth from these glasses and that I should move on and try something else.