I'm a magpie


Today was a stay at home day since I woke up late and then found out that an ice storm of epic proportions was headed towards the Midwest. Thank goodness I got to go out and celebrate a little over the weekend! I'm gonna be stuck inside the house for a couple of days because of all this anticipated snow. Boo.

I wore this yesterday when it was still a little warmer than usual and so my husband and I decided to spend some time together reading at a cafe. Mostly, I read stuff for school. But I put in some comic book time as well. Nothing really AHMAYZING about this outfit. I wanted to be comfy but also look like I'd taken at least some time to put things together. You can't see it, but I made the mistake of wearing blue eyeshadow with pink lips. It made me feel kinda... trashy :D In a good way.





I'm a magpie. Yes. I love all things glitter. They make my super baggy jeans look more girly. :D I also love gigantic, gaudy rings!




Glitter, turquoise, lace, and tea. Ahh. The weekend can't get here soon enough. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Now to endure this horrible weather.

Huzzah, it's Friday!


Just a really quick post. Today was truly a fantastic day: I was really productive and got lots of pages written for my thesis, I got to catch up with a really good friend of mine whom I've missed so much, and I got to have a marvelous dinner with some awesome people. Tonight called for a celebration, so I put on my party face and my Little House of the Prairie dress. I call it that because it just looks so... pastoral. It makes me feel like Henry VI sitting atop a hill looking at the shepherds below tending their sheep, musing about the sweet and simple pleasures of life. (Henry VI III)


This is probably one of my favorite dresses. I can wear it in any weather and pair it with a million things. It's also really really comfy and flatters me, I think. However, there's another reason I wore this dress... I knew we'd be eating at a Chinese restaurant known for their authentic dishes and large portions. The skirt is wide, but not too baggy, and hides every morsel of sin. I ate so much that when I got home I was sure I gained at least 2 lbs.





This was my favorite dish of the 10 dishes (seriously, we got that much. There were 6 of us, and some of the dishes were appetizers). It's Crispy fried tofu with some kind of sweet, tangy sauce. I honestly gobbled at least three of these large chunks of soy goodness along with all the other delicious viands that I had no time to take photos of because my hands were too busy shoveling food in my mouth.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Fending off "The Greys"


As you can see, it's yet another grey day here in the Midwest. I've been feeling a little bit blah lately: not really finishing stuff I should have already gotten done, not feeling motivated to do things I should be motivated to do, and! Johnny Storm a.k.a. Human Torch is "dead." sad face and heavy sigh. I partially blame this awful weather, but I'm well aware that I gots to do something if I wanna ever dig myself out of this rut. That explains the overload of pattern/color I have going on here. I mean, what better way to start fending off "the greys?"


I was running late [again], so I just pulled my hair up and secured it with a Hello Kitty pin. My stylist got a little happy with the razor so it looks like I have baby hair all over the place. I should have told her to stay away from the bangs... oops.


Tee hee! Oops indeed!



Though I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan, I just had to get this shirt at a Threadless booth at a comic convention I went to last year. I remember the first time I saw it, I was giggling so hard because of Chewbacca's expression! I'd also like to think that instead of ammo, Chewy's packing assorted soaps and pomade. I mean, how else is he gonna keep all that hair cared for?

My Chucks are smart. They've got owls.


And of course, one can never have enough Hello Kitty to brighten up the mood. See how her face is turning black? It was freeezing cold! What do you do to drive off the greys?

A Little Bit of Whimsy on a Dreary Winter's Day


I woke up really late this morning and didn't have time to wash my hair so I pinned my unruly bangs back with a headband. Though I have loads of headbands, I never really wear them especially when I have a long day ahead of me. I am just one of those unfortunate people who have gigantic heads, thus making it hard for me to find hats that fit comfortably and headbands that don't pinch. However, this band is just wide enough for me to wear it without complain for over 13 hours! Amazing! Huzzah to the person who came up with a solution for big-headed people!

With the pretty flower on my head, my mood was instantly lifted. Here's the outfit I came up with to match my spirits:


Pretty dull colors, I'm aware of that. But it was one of those "working" days again where I had to look like I had some authority, so I immediately thought grey. To perk it up, I put some pink of my lips and purples on my eyes.


To make things a little more interesting, I wore some patterned tights and peep-toe heels that I got from... wait for it... ICING. I know! This must be the only thing that I own that comes from Claire's/Icing. I got this about two years ago for $5. The shape of the wedge looked really cute, and I just couldn't pass it up!


I wouldn't ordinarily pair grey-ish tights with these shoes, but I really wanted to add a little more whimsy to my outfit. The bows, I thought, did just that.

Casual but Put-Together

Excuse the awkward angle and seeming lack of enthusiasm in my expression :
my husband can't be bothered to warn me that he's snapping the photo.

So after a long weekend of relentless writing, I decided that I needed to stop motioning for the loose jeans-big sweater combo I've been reduced to wearing in the name of lazy, uninspired comfort. This semester has been a little weird for me. I'm only taking one class and writing my thesis, so I don't actually have to be on campus as much as I used to. Therefore, I find myself just lounging around and wearing whatever is convenient. Bad, bad, bad idea. Not only am I developing such horrid habits, but I am also neglecting my already-neglected closet.

I came up with this combo yesterday. Since I was going to be "working" (that is, occupy an office and look like I belong there) I thought I had to look kind of put together, which translates to me wearing black. I've been itching to wear this green waffle top that I got a few weeks back. You can't see it, but the neckline is pretty wide, so I thought I'd cover up a little bit with a vest.



As you can probably tell, the vest doesn't really fit me well. It bunches up too much on the sides, and I feel it's too short for my torso. There's a good reason for that. I originally purchased it for my husband. I thought it looked good on him, but apparently, he doesn't like vests. So, I stole it back for myself and will continue to wear it until I find a nice, casual, women's cotton vest to replace it. For now, I can make it look less manly with an obscene splash of bright color.


Mysteriously Green


It's been rough these past few days. Apart from the weather being a total douche, I haven't been able to catch up with whatever schoolwork I should have done by now. I'm blaming.... (sigh) myself. It's hard to get motivated when the snow just keeps on beckoning you to sleep or make a cup of tea and consume cozy mystery novels.

Mysterious is how I'd describe my outfit as in "it's so mysterious that I would wear these articles together." I definitely wanted to wear my striped sweater, but since it was snowing, I didn't want to wear jeans/trousers. I decided on wearing a green "sack" dress instead, which, apart from the odd neckline sticking out of the sweater, I thought looked fine. Initially, I wanted to just wear my knee highs with the dress, but it looked too risqué , so I threw on these really pretty tights (they're really footless tights) under the socks.

I want to talk about my boots a little bit; I'll go more into them some other time. I've been eying these babies for a while now and finally succumbed to getting them. Too bad they're not made for walking on the snow. I must have tripped a dozen times that day.



I fear that "lumberjack" was on my brain when I put this outfit together on Monday. Though I didn't have classes that day, I went on campus to return many an overdue book. I also had to clean out my mailbox and make sure that people knew I still existed being that I was totally incognito all winter. What a slacker, I know.

I thought comfort and came up with this combo. I wanted to look semi-decent but, more importantly, have some ease of mobility, thus, the boots. I rarely wear trousers during the winter since I HATE getting them wet, trudging about in the snow. I know it's silly, but I'd rather have freezing legs than wet jeans.

Hullo, Kitty! Hullo Recovery!

his past week was supposed to be a really BIG and important week for me. The last days of my freedom, I was planning on spending them in bliss-- reading cozy mysteries and watching movies, maybe taking some time to get some school work done. Unfortunately, I got uber sick and gross and remained that way for many days. It's only now that I'm feeling and looking slightly better, though I'm sure I need a couple more days to fully recover.


In my panic to get something academic-related done, I busted out my huge-ass-Shakespeare and my new HK headphones and reread/ re-listened to Titus Andronicus. Aah, good times. An hour and eight whole onion-skin pages later, I felt much much better! Seriously, the most effective remedy is the combination of literature and Hello Kitty.

Speaking of good things, thanks to some amazing friends, I actually got out of my jammas and made an effort to look nice. We went out to grab some good eating (I had an Italian sausage stromboli) mixed with nummy conversation. Here's what I wore. Please ignore that I look half-dead and my nose is pink. I couldn't be bothered to do makeup.

sweater: GAP
tank: f21
skirt: ?
tights: HUE
boots: Old Navy
scarf: the second thing I have ever knitted (knat?)

My mustard scarf and I have been inseparable all week. It's about 15 ft long and is comprised of the only pattern I know to knit. I'd been wearing around the house, and I couldn't be parted with it. So I tied it in a large bow to make it look more festive. A droopy bow, but it made me feel all kinds of happy-silly.



Batman tee: ? . jeans:Target . shoes: owl Chucks . hat: from wizard con 2009

I have so much free time these days that I actually went out to see a movie a few days back. (I've been sick lately, hence, the lateness of this post). I went to see Black Swan with a few friends, then went to grab some chow and a few drinks. So, I had to be comfy.

Though the snow is all gone here in the Midwest, it's still super cold. Time to bust out the hats. This pink furry hat is probably my favorite out of the modest collection I have. (By "collection" I mean 5 hats)


Though you can't really see, this hat has cat ears. Makes me feel a little younger when I wear it. :D

Polka Dots and Red

Firstly, Happy New Year!

dress: thrifted (f21) . tights: JC Penney . shoes: Target . purse: Hot Topic

Though I float around extremely casual and fashion-conservative circles (not unfashionable, just conservative, mind you), sometimes, I get to "dress up" a bit. This is probably the extent to which I would don these three-inch heels. In high school, I used to wear heels everyday. But over the past few years, I've been slowly converted to the "comfort over fashion" mindset, even though I haven't had the heart to dispose of all my heels. Every once in a while, I get the itch to put them on, even though I'm not used to the height and look like a penguin walking in them.

I got my polka dots (dress AND purse) and I got my red on (tights and nails), so I think I'm pretty much covered, luck-wise, for the new year. I really (REALLY) like this dress. I've always been in love with sweetheart necklines-- they are oh so feminine and flirty-- but can't find a dress with that cut that doesn't make me look like a tramp. This dress is not only perfect for colder weather because of the turtleneck, but also covers my up nicely. The turtleneck is somewhat sheer, so it doesn't look heavy, and the length is just right for my height. Paired with some stilettos and my legs look inches longer.

I'm not so good with resolutions. I can never keep track of them, and I feel as if I have to really sit down and define what I mean by "eat less" or "study harder" in order to stop myself from finding loopholes. So I'll make a simple resolution-- one that I know I can stick to: to wear a different article of clothing/accessory everyday.

What are your resolutions?