For the Love of Gwen


Do you see that face? That, my friends is the face of true contentment. Why, you may ask, am I all fuzzy-hearted? That's because I am now the proud owner of my first ever HARAJUKU LOVERS bag.

Harajuku Lovers "Hot Stuff" Messenger bag in Photo Doodle

Even the mini buckles are fetch.
Comes with a mini GWEN caricature charm/ornament.
the heart-shaped velcro closures were probably what really did it for me. 
I've always loved Gwen Stefani's style, and ever since she launched L.A.M.B., I've been lusting for her items. But, when you're a grad student, lusting is all you can really do. Especially when you're a liberal arts grad student. I've been searching for a small messenger/satchel that I could use over the weekends or on casual days. I was this close to purchasing either a Coach or a D&B one (outlets are great for poor, grad students to get their fashion fixes) but am so glad I found this one instead. It's much more me. 

The Dark Knight Returns



::Batman tee: Target :: leather jacket: Black Rivet:: jeggings: ? ::
circle scarf: F21 :: wedges: Hot Topic:: satchel: Laura Ashley
I'm sorry I've been MIA. You know how it is-- crime never sleeps. By "crime" I mean "homework," and by "never sleeps" I mean me. It's been a hellish week-- {a hellish month, really}. I've been working in my Hello Kitty jammies all week, and then decided to venture out into the world to get some provisions. I had some Opera Cake and some Flaming Hot Cheetos. Yep, right now, those two are essentials.

opera cake
I am so ready for Spring. I know everyone is, but really, I have never EVER wanted spring so badly until now. Actually, what I mean to say is I am so ready to graduate. So I can resume my full time gig as a super hero, of course

P.S. thanks for all the recommendations for my hair. I'm going to grow it out a few more inches (like, half a foot or so) and then dye it that reddish brown that everyone seems to really like. I like it too and actually kept it the longest (about 2 years straight).

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going to grab a glass of whatever and play some Marvel vs. Capcom 3. 

Identity Crisis

< I've been acting really weird lately. OK. Maybe a better word to describe my current state is "stressed." I feel as if I'm being stretched in all directions: I feel so behind with my thesis writing; I haven't read tomorrow's class material; My healthy diet habits are slowly slipping; My to-read pile is increasing before my eyes; I am lacking motivation to do anything; and I am tired of this dreary weather. I am all simultaneously all over the place and nowhere.

I've been contemplating dyeing my hair again. It's been a whole year and one month since I've touched hair dye. I colored my own hair that bubblegum pink color and had to bleach it three times in one week before I got the color I wanted. what an idiot. 

It took a whole year and a half to get my hair back to its healthy state. I'm a little apprehensive about coloring it again for the following reasons:

1. My natural hair color is a combination of black, 
brown, and red (I kid you not!) hair. It's kinda fetch.

2. I'm going to be on the job market in a couple of months.
 I'm assuming I need to look some kind of professional... 

3. I've gotten lazy. Natural hair is much cheaper and much easier to manage. 

But whenever I see these pictures, I always get the urge to change my hair color. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the stress. What do you all think? Should I go ahead and dye my hair? Or should I resist the urge and love my natural colored tresses?

Small Town Country







Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to take a short road trip to a quaint, little book store we've been hearing great things about. We passed by this small town and drove up some random dirt road to take these pictures.

I've been itching to wear this new leather jacket I purchased from Black Rivet and my Laura Ashley leather satchel. (this one's for you, Mochi) I was feeling kinda down because it seemed like spring was (too) fast approaching, which meant I wouldn't be able to wear this jacket. Surprisingly, the jacket was too thin.

I got oodles of books and am happy as a clam. Alas, today is "back-to-the-writing-block" day for me. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend/ are still having a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Tooth

Inspired by Rosie, I decided to compile a short list of sweet things I absolutely love.
I really don't have a sweet tooth. I'm more of a savory-food-loving kind of gal. But once in a while, I get the urge to indulge in sweetness:

1. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. My favorites are the regular hazelnut and the coconut ones.
2. Stroopwafels. Honey infused waffles of goodness. Perfect with a cup of tea. 
3. Swedish Princess Cake. Lemon, cream, raspberry jam, and almonds. How can you go wrong?
4. Crepes. My faves are nutella, nutella and bananas, and strawberries and cream.

Review: L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick in Andie's Rose

Firstly, I am not a makeup expert. So, if I mess up with terminology, please be nice and forgive me. K, thanx.

I've been lusting over these lipsticks for ages, consuming review after review of it, especially the shade Beyonce's Red. But since I'm too chicken to wear red, I decided on a softer color that I could wear everyday. This shade #299 (Andie's Rose) has a crimson/raspberry combo color to it with a yellow, almost orange undertone. The color is in the red tube and the white tube contains the conditioning balm that goes over the color. I purchased mine for about $9.00 at my local grocer's.

bare lips

one coat of lip color
one coat of color and balm

final look. 
The lighting in my bathroom is horrible. So you will have to believe me when I say that the color is really crimsonish.

*I've discovered that there's a specific method to applying this color successfully. When applying the color to the lips, resist the urge to rub them (as most people do when applying lipstick). Instead, use the wand to lay the color out evenly. 

1. I kissed vigorously and rubbed my lips on the back of my hand multiple times after application, and it did not come off.
2. The color is pretty true to the packaging.
3. I love the balm. It really helps make the color look glossy but not sticky. Plus, it prevents your lips from drying out.
4. It lasts for hours. Kinda... (see #1 and #2 below)
5. Buildable coverage. More coats= more intense color.
6. The applicator wand is genius! no lip brush needed.
1. I rub my lips a lot. After an hour flecks started peeling off my lips. So, lesson here is, don't rub your lips.
2. While the color does last for a while, (I only had to reapply 5 hours after the first application, AFTER I had dinner and drinks) it does fade, particularly on the inside of the lips. At the end of 5 hours, I looked like I was wearing lip liner. Not pretty.

Would I buy it again? Sure. Maybe not in this shade. I find it a little too metallic for me. I'd probably end up picking the Primrose, Rose or Beyonce's Red next. It's nice not to have to think about reapplying or smudging or getting lipstick streaks all over my face because of my hair.

I give this particular shade a 4/5

Artsy Fartsy? or Homeless?

grey tank: F21 :: jeggings:? :: boots: Old Navy ::
circle cardi: Ruff Hewn :: purple tank: JCPenney ::
necklace: Kohls :: hat:DIY
I was left to my own devices today. (aka My husband wasn't here to take photos.)
the best pose i could muster was "smell the back of my fingers." Classy.
Does it not look like Vera Wang's Princess  perfume bottle???
Happy Friday, duckies!
I hope you all have marvelous things planned for the weekend. A lot of people I know are taking 4 whole days off.  Like, WOWZA. I am taking tomorrow off, but will resume reading and writing promptly on Sunday morning. -_- 

I libraried today (newsflash, people: LIBRARY is now a verb!) and wasn't feeling particularly sunshine-y. Plus, it was cold. Seriously, what happened to all the warm weather we were having just two days back? Spring is such a tease. 

I thought I kinda looked hipster-ish and artsy with my circle cardigan (oversized because that's how I roll) and my floppy hat (which really was supposed to be a circle scarf then I effed up) but I also kinda felt like I looked hobo-ish. But I don't care. I was supper squashy comfortable. 

I'm so excited because I have two product reviews planned and a hair post or two. So.... stay tuned! 
Happy Friday!!!

It's That Time of the Year....

tee: GAP :: cardi: F21:: leggings: HUE:: glitter flats: GAP
ring: ?:: hair clip: Sanrio
Though this is a men's tee, I had to get it because they don't make super hero tees with cool art for gals.
Also, I think that this particular picture does wonders for my boobage. creepy? oh well. :)



I'm supposed to be "dressed comfortably" for class today since we're staging some performances, I think. When I think comfort, I think leggings, flats, and a tee. That combo is my rock. It keeps me going. LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT, THOUGH: 

i do NOT wear leggings as pants. 
even IF I had the figure, I WOULD NOT  wear leggings as pants.
jeggings are something else altogether.

Anywhoozles, thanks for the lovely comments. I am feeling much better today, although the "druggage" I took this morning made me so sleepy, I was terrified (but sleepy) while driving to campus. 

Are you excited for leggings? 

Tuesday Blahs and Tag!

turtleneck: F21♥ capris: JCPenney ♥ cardi: Express♥ 
kitten heels: Madden♥ belt: thrifted
So, I am kinda feeling under the weather today. My husband got sick last night, and I think I may have caught it from him. GAH! This is just not cool. Also, I know what you're thinking... Laura, why the capris? It's 40 degrees outside! I know, I know. It's still too cold to wear them, but I was frazzled getting dressed this morning and was up late writing a paper. The capris just felt right

I apologize as well for the picture-bare post. I'm saddened by it as well. However, I am totally stoked because the ever stylish Lexie from Ready in Five awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award! Excitement! You should check her out, because she is totally stylin' : )

I gots to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 more bloggers. 

1. I am a graduate student in English Literature. My concentration is in Old English Literature which basically means I do a lot of translating. 

2. I am a comic book fan-girl. There, I said it. I started reading when I was little, stopped for a bit, but now it's an explosion of comic book madness. You can say that I live between Wednesdays sometimes. 

3. I grew up in the Philippines, but probably cannot function properly if I were to return. I can speak the language, but my slang is totally out of date. Also, for lack of practice, I am unable to utter one sentence in Filipino that isn't corrupted with either an American accent or English word. 

4. I am a Hello Kitty aficionado. People give me HK stuffs, but I only purchase directly from Sanrio. 

5. I'm not a big chocolate, pastry, or dessert eater. I do, however, lust for fruit. Give me a bucket of any kind of fruit (except durian and apples) and I'll be a happy camper. 

6. Only now am I wearing my natural hair color. I have dyed my hair ever since sophomore year of high school. It's been red, mahogany, purple, pink, and various shades of brown. 

7.  I wear bumpits every once in a while. like today. shhhhhhhhh... it's a secret

And I'm tagging the following seven in no particular order! I know some of you have gotten this award already, but you guys are my style heroes! 

Angga from Reserverade Fashion
Courtney from Sartorial Sidelines
Dee from The Merry Traveller
Emily from Resplendent Tranquility
Jo from Days Go By
Lady Selenite from Le Vaisseau Selenite
Rosie from A Pocketful of Rosie

Happy Heart Day




Happy heart day, lovies! 

Mondays are usually work-at-home days, but today is bake sale day for my grad student organization. And since I felt like being artsy craftsy (and because I actually have responsibilities towards them) I had to cutify up and get my butt to campus with bucket loads of cupcakes, cookies, chocolate roses, and other sweet treats. (if you wanna see pics of the products, check em out on my twitter account!)  

I'm proclaiming my love to Hello Kitty, comfy jerseys, anchor pendants, and my smashing new red coat that I got over the weekend! I hope you all are having a great lovey day!♥  

A sweet offering

homemade nutella poptarts.

Hello style nation!

I'm sorry I've been MIA all weekend... I had been wrangling with an unwieldy paper, which I just kind've untangled moments ago.I also have been stuck on Hershey kisses flower duty (and cupcake and cookie duty) for a bake sale I'm helping with. So, I apologize for the lack of post or comment. I am totally saddened, believe me.

Anyway, I made these "pop tarts" because I was so inspired by Lar's idea of pop tarts for her wedding! If you aren't following these lovely ladies, then you should. because they are awesome. My pop tarts really don't LOOK like pop tarts, but they tasted mighty fantastic with ooey gooey Nutella and a super flaky crust. If you're interested in making some, this is the recipe I used. Enjoy!

My Inner Girlie

Pardon the crappy lighting and the awful background choice. It was early, both the husband and I were rushing, and the cats kept on walking all over the place. Warmer weather= better moods, better pictures :)
I think the little stones in the centre of the flowers make them look more delicate.
Knotted tulle. My new favorite mini. 




Fortune is fickle. Fortune is a woman.

Though I think of myself as more of a rock and roll kind of gal (I'm totally a poser), sometimes, something dare I say someone, inside of me begs to be let out : the little girl who took ballet lessons and obsessed over The Secret Garden, Little Women, and The Little Princess. 

Let me introduce you all to MY INNER GIRLIE. She likes lace and delicate florals, pastels and muted colors. She's all about looking neat and prim, preferring glossy over bright and loud lips. She also likes keeping amazing notes and going to meetings. She can make the perfect cup of caramel cappuccino. 

The Evil Equestrian





Today's post title is brought to you by my super loving husband who blurted that out right as I walked into the kitchen this morning. Isn't he sweet? I thought that if I was the EVIL RACER, I'd be going against Betty Draper. 

And she would beat me in all her Nordic glory.

I am attempting to give my winter stuff some more wear before we get some warmer weather. (I try to be an optimist every Tuesday) I'm going to a meeting today and need to trek (more like skate, really) through two inches of ice covered campus, thus the boots. They're comfy, warm, and very traction-friendly.

Like my snake necklace? It adds more malevolence to my whole look, ya?