Best Kept Secret



I added this picture because I was so pleased at how my hair looked

dress: Charlotte Russe:: tights: Target:: kitten heels: thrifted Madden Girl::
bunny necklace: Forever 21:: studded purse: Laura Ashley 

It's been about 8 months since I last wore this dress, even though it is my favorite. I lovingly refer to it as my Little House on the Prairie dress because the floral pattern reminds me of wildflowers. This time around, I decided to highlight the pinks in the dress by wearing lighter tights and bright red shoes. Makeup-wise, I went for a late 90s feel with a dark, almost grape lip, highlighted in the middle with blood orange gloss. (It looks berry-ish in the photos, but in person, it was quite dark)

On to more interesting things...

The lovely Rachael of Life of a Twenty-Something gave me this sweet award.

The rules of accepting the award are simple-- link back to the person who awarded it to you and share a few secrets about yourself before passing it on. 

Here are a few hush hush things about me:
1. Even though I profess my disdain for all things 90s, I know almost every single chart-topping pop song that came out from that decade. I even know the lyrics to almost every BSB, Nsync, and Spice Girls song.

2. I used to be anime/manga-crazy. I even wrote fan fiction based off of my favorite childhood anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. All evidence has been burned. 
3. I also have a thing for ballads. Whenever a powerful refrain starts playing, I sometimes get teary-eyed. Shameful, I know.

4. Even though I don't like eating much junk food, I go weak in the knees for some Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Oh, and those super iced Animal Crackers. The ones that don't even look like animals anymore because they are so chock-full of sugary deliciousness. Mmmm..

5. Only a handful of people I know in real life actually know about my blog. Like, 5, to be exact.. 3 of them are my cats. 

Since I'm known for being indecisive (another secret), I'd like to pass this on to.... all of you

Because I'm so nosy (again, another secret), share with me a secret about yourself

Have a great weekend!

Rainy Day Excuses

white striped tunic: JC Penney:: black cardi, necklace: Forever 21::
grey skinnies: Old Navy :: quilted flats: Target:: purse: thrifted

my Etienne Aigner thrifted purse. a whopping $1.00

Our dinner drinks: beer for the fon fon ru and red wine for moi
buffalo chicken cobb salad
bacon cheeseburger with onion rings


A cold, rainy day is the best excuse for an impromptu dinner date. At least it is for me. Though I love cooking, when it's pouring, I get really sentimental and romantic. There's just something appealing about looking out into the rain from a dimly lit, cosy room, sipping wine with good company.

A cold, rainy day is also the best excuse for wearing ankle-length skinnies. They're thicker than tights and easy to work with. I wore this comfy pair with these quilted flats, but I could trade those for some boots if it rained harder.

My husband I went to a restaurant we frequent. I ordered the buffalo chicken salad; he had the bacon cheeseburger. My dinner was fine; his was fabulous. Why is it that whenever we go out to eat, he always seems to order exactly what I want? Not fair! But we had a great evening talking and winding down.

How do you feel about rainy days? Does it influence the way you dress?

Wacky Weekend

dress, blouse: thrifted:: tights: Target:: platform mary janes: Hot Topic::
bow: DIY
Before my husband and I got sick over the weekend, we went to a themed housewarming party. Though we were sent the invitation over two weeks ago, I didn't get my "Wacky Wardrobe" costume going until an hour before we had to leave the house-- which just goes to show that my slacker ways will stay with me forever.

Prior to that day, I messed around with the idea of fabricating a dress made out of comic books. Then I thought I'd just go as a ganguro girl. When my brain got fried just planning out the steps to complete each of those looks, I went more minimalistic and chose Hello Kitty in her classic blue jumpsuit/ yellow short sleeve combo.


The resemblance is uncanny, I know.

People in the party wore underwear over their heads, towel capes, or (the most common one of all) plaid over plaid. My husband made a suit out of bubble wrap, which I couldn't help popping all night. Did that sound dirty? I assure you, it wasn't. Maybe.
My fon fon ru, suited up. Because he doesn't want his face on my blog,
he gets a skull sticker over his face, which I am sure he'll appreciate.
I attempted a more "dolly" look for the makeup, tacking on a lot of foundation to make the skin look flawless. I also went really heavy with the blush and topped the look off with a bold pink lip. I made sure to define my eyes and even added some drawn on lower lashes to make the eyes look large and fake.



How was your weekend?

Mixed Feelings





leather jacket: Blue Rivet:: "lace" tunic, scarf: Rue 21:: sandals: Bongo::
silver jewelry: thrifted, gifts 

A few posts back, I mentioned that I felt most of my items in my closet to be rubbish. But because I'm such a softie, I decided to give some of these items another chance of perhaps living in my dresser a bit longer. This tunic is one of those ridiculous pieces I've decided to pardon.... for now.

When shopping, I usually gravitate towards odd-looking pieces with different textures. The tulle on the straps of this tunic grabbed my attention almost instantly, and my eyes were drawn to the lace print on the actual garment. Yep, that's right, lace print. I thought it was the grandest thing because it looked like I was wearing lace without getting my skin all irritated and itchy. Now, it's just silly. But I still kinda like it.

Problem is, I've only gotten this tunic to work this one way-- paired with skinny jeans/leggings. If I can pair it with other things in my wardrobe, then it's safe from the giveaway bin.  On the one hand, I want it to work. On another, I kinda don't.

Do you have pieces you have mixed feelings about?

Laura Does the Batusi



Aquaman tee:, Deadman pin comic con booty:: black modesty skirt: ? ::
tights, huge button cardi: JC Penney::  flats: Target

Yesterday, I started snapping photos of my wardrobe and adding them on Go Chic or Go Home (thanks, Dotty!) in hopes of getting more organized and systematic about planning my daily outfits. Photographing took up so much of my day that I forgot to be sick! I am feeling so much better now... so much so that I feel like doing the Batusi!

In the sign-up page for GCOGH, I was asked to choose my kind of fashion style from a drop-down menu. After contemplating about this for quite a long time, I chose "Geek Chic" because, let's face it, I have too many superhero tees in my wardrobe to prove I'm not.

Here I am, proudly proclaiming my undying love for Aquaman (in his original costume, of course) and trying to wear Chun-li hair buns in public. Just to confuse everyone else, I added a Deadman button to the mix. I was so overjoyed with my mish mash nerd clash that my fon fon ru couldn't keep up with my unusual bout of energy.

Again! Batusi!


Lazy Bones





dress, tank: Forever 21 :: tights, clogs: Target:: belt: thrifted::
scarf: gift from Sis' trip to Paris

Just a quick post today. I've been really behind on blog posting and commenting since I got a cold. Though I'm super excited for Fall weather, the transition period between seasons is rough on my immune system. I almost ALWAYS get sick during these times. Today will be spent at home, drowning myself in hot tea and snuggling with a few good books. Classical music or the LOTR score playing in the background will help me relax even more.

The short dress, tights, and scarf combo is my trusted cold-weather uniform. Depending on how blustery or chilly it gets, I choose the thickness of my dresses, scarves, or tights. Then, I layer as needed. Today called for a thin scarf and tights. Since I haven't worn this polka dotted pair, I thought today would be as good as any day to don them. They make my legs look anemic, but I can't resist those dots!

Do you have a Fall uniform?

Half-way Point Update





dress worn as top, skirt: Forever 21 :: heeled sandals: Payless:
serpent belt: Urban Outfitters:: jewelry: ?

Three months ago, I put myself up for a challenge. I promised that for 6 months, I wouldn't buy any items of clothing, jewelry, or shoes. I did this for multiple reasons: 1. to stop hoarding; 2. to rein in my impulsiveness; 3. to learn how to remix better; 4. to hone my DIY crafting skills.

For a while, things were relatively easy since I had just graduated and was too preoccupied being on "vacation mode." I was immersed in housework, applying for jobs, and catching up with friends, and I didn't notice that I hadn't been shopping. Three months in and, though I'm not sorely tempted to buy anything in particular, I did cave in and spend a whopping $3.00 on thrifted goods. I couldn't help it-- $1.00 Etienne Aigner bag? How can I pass that up? In my defense, the store was on the way to the gym, so I gymmed my guilt off after the purchase.

What have I learned so far?

1. My closet is, for the most part, rubbish. I realize that I've collected a ton of clothing, but none of them are really items that I would like to wear more than a couple times. After the challenge, I am definitely going to invest in more basics of better quality than I'm used to.

2. I need to branch out of my normal color options. I tend to go for solid, more saturated hues. I definitely need more blush tones and lighter neutrals.

3. Trousers. I need them. 'Nuff said.

4. I need serious help in remixing.

I am only now learning how to wear a dress as a top and how to wear other items in different styles. It literally took me 5 minutes after staring at this dress to realize that I can wear this dress as a top or as a skirt. Gracious.

Nerdularly Appropriate




lilac polo: Bitten SJP :: skirt: throwback from high school:: blue cardi: thrifted::
gold oxfords: thrifted:: skull tie: Hot Topic :: pin: local comic shop 

I've always struggled with dressing and behaving "appropriately," as in, either according to my age or profession. For the most part of my undergrad years, I was a Chemistry major, expected to be dressed properly for lab, meaning long sleeved shirts (or lab coats) with trousers and close-toed shoes. I recall one of my instructors actually calling me into his office complaining about my sideswept bangs getting in the way of science. Whatever that means. On the weekends, I worked at a bank, so I had to look polished and professional. I exchanged my too-casual lab outfits for heels, skirts, and chiffon tops.

I don't really see myself as subscribing to one particular kind of style. I'm not trendy, that's for sure. I'm not overtly girly. I'm definitely not punk rock or too edgy. What I consistently am, though, is nerdy. I mean, seriously. Who goes crazy over Emperor Aquaman (my pin)? Collects Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland illustrations? And buys gourds because they look like Lord of the Rings characters? Me. Who would much rather prefer spending days upon days immersed in books and comics? Me. Who thinks that The Venture Brothers is the best cartoon to come out in the 2000s? Me. Who takes the sexy schoolgirl look as an inspiration and turns it into the least sexy, most nerdularly cool outfit ever? Me.

Is this outfit totally age appropriate? Maybe not. But whatever. I was never one for the rules, anyway. Plus, the point really is that 

I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. And I'm Proud.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I will proceed to inundate you with photos of my nerdy coolness. Shield your eyes if you don't want to be consumed. 

This gourd looked like the Star of Elendil. 
This gourd looked like the really ugly Commander orc in LOTR #3
Glass illustration? Nerdy. Not knowing how to pour beer? Very nerdy.
So this isn't really nerdy. It's just huge. 
My nerdiest accomplishment this week. 





striped sweater: GAP :: skinny denim: Old Navy :: apple clogs: Dansko, gift from mom

Though I've always lived in cities, those cities were never really fashionable hubs. Currently, I live in a college town where most everyone wears what's comfortable: denim shorts, tees, and flip flops during the summer; and sweats, hoodies, and Ugg boots during the colder months. I spent my undergrad years in a small city outside of Anchorage, AK, where the winter weather lasted for about 8 months a year. Everyone around me regularly wore Columbia and Northface jackets paired with Carharts, layered denim, and the assortment of footwear available in our local REI. During the short summers, they shed our fashionable hides, but basically kept the same look.

Always striving to stick out from the crowd, I froze myself multiple times, trying to make the Japanese "hime" or "lolita" look work during -40F weather. After a few months, I relented and bought a pair of clogs, but only wore them with flared jeans and a quippy tee. Lately, and I don't know if it's because I'm much older and a little more sensible now, I've come to appreciate the simple, understated, and comfy casual Eddie Bauer-esque look. My best friend and I endearingly call this style "Granola," not really referring to them being like hippies, but more earthy. This is my interpretation.

The Granola look calls for comfort. This GAP sweater is easy to wear and keeps the cold at bay. Bonus points for being striped and having those gorgeous golden studs by the neckline. Granolas are also sensible. These jeans are very easy to move in, so I can go from reading to hiking in a heartbeat. Danskos are probably the soul of all Granolas. They're super comfy, very versatile, and astoundingly durable. These red babies were recently sent to me by my mom. And though they're a little too big for me, I'm keeping them for walking over snow and ice.

Because I've rambled on and on, let me leave you with a few snippets from my weekend...

Trying to make a dent in my to-read list...
One of my cats, Pandae, mesmerized by a bug in the house...
Freshly baked Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies. Extra chocolate, extra goodness.
Happy Monday!