Like a lot of other bloggers, I've been craving some pastels lately. While others may easily don soft hues of yellow, pink, purple, and green, I rather think I look like a bonbon. Or perhaps I just feel like a bonbon. If it doesn't work, then that's too bad, because I just recently purchased some pastel-y goodies that I can't wait to wear.

These jeans are one of my recent thrift finds. I've been wanting to jump on the bright denim bandwagon (that's been passing by me for all of a year already) but just haven't found a color I'd actually want to try. Enter these too-large jeans for $0.50 that I modified to fit me (READ: I cut 3 inches off the height and then another 5 inches around each leg to actually make them fit my legs/hips). I was quite hesitant about modifying jeans at first, but I just took an old pair of skinnies and used that as a draft to cut this pair into my size. Easy Peasy

How are you wearing pastels? 

Did You Win My Giveaways?

Well, folks, it's almost the end of my birthmonth which means it's giveaway announcement time!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaways, and thank you most especially to all my readers who have followed and read my wee little blog.

Without further ado... the winners of my birthmonth giveaways are

Taryn Zhang Purse Hook: Thu from Just Tututiny
Hello Kitty Swag: Jennifer from Rainy Days and Lattes
Pink Bow Purse: Aki from 7% Solution

Ladies, please email me back ASAP with your mailing info so I can send out your goodies! 

DIY: ring organizer

An after effect of blogging for me is being a bit more organized, believe it or not. My 6-Month challenge has definitely gotten me to cull my closet down to a manageable and practical size, but I can't say it's done that for my accessories stash. The last few days, I've been plotting ways on how to artfully display my accessories because I tend to wear them more if I can see them. Today, I'm sharing with with you an easy DIY on how to make an easy peasy ring organizer!

ring organizer

STEP 1: Clean your base. Paint to add pizzazz. Get some pizzas too. This is gonna take a while.
STEP 2: Cut your thick cloth into strips to fit the width of your base. The length of the strips depends on how thick your cloth is and how tightly you roll it. Once you've cut strips of thick cloth, roll them tightly into cylinders and glue the ends with a glue gun.
STEP 3: Keep on rolling strips of thick cloth until you've filled your box. Make sure to tightly pack them  into the box. Eat some pizza in between rolling. 
STEP 4: Cut as many strips of velvet as you have rolls. The velvet strips don't have to be as long as
the thick cloth. They just need to wrap around each roll. Wrap each strip of velvet on each roll, glue the ends, then glue the bottom of the roll (with the seams) to the bottom of the box. Space the rolls
tightly next to each other. You want the spaces to be a little tight, so your rings down fall into them. 
STEP 5: Marvel at your greatness. You just made a ring organizer. 

How do you store your rings?

Sweater/Shirt + Trousers


I'm blaming the weather for me being unable to get out of bed on time these days. And when I do get up, I only have a few minutes to take a shower, put my makeup on, and get a work-ready outfit on. The sweater over shirt+trousers formula has saved my ass so many times, and I do a variation of this outfit at least twice a week for work.

What's your Formula?

Bow Purse Giveaway


More birthmonth festivities? Why, YES! If you've already noticed, I love bows. I love bows so much that I got 2 of these pink, quilted bow purses-- one for myself and one for a lucky reader! Just use the widget below to enter the giveaway!

The giveaway ends on January 29th and the winners will be announced on the 30th or the 31st. 

Good luck!

Dot Com


For my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a few blog delights. I finally took the plunge and bought a domain for my blog! You can not quickly find my blog at ! Hurray! my blog addy is now 9 characters shorter!

How was your weekend? I totally vegged out and just watched Pushing Daisies and lots of movies. Then I vegged out some more--hence the casual and loose tee combo I'm sporting.

Happy Monday!

Have you entered my giveaways yet? 
2. Win some cute Hello Kitty swag!

Winter Looks


Finding primo locations to take outfit photos is hard during the winter. It's not even snowing in my neck of the woods, but I cannot stand being outside at all. I stumbled upon this narrow hallway near my comic books shop a few days ago and just had to take advantage of the lack of inquisitive passers-by. Then I skedaddled over to the bakery to get myself a salted caramel cupcake

Where do you take OOTD photos during the winter? 

ps. Have you entered my giveaways? Win a Taryn Zhang purse hook and some Hello Kitty swag!

pps. The gorgeous Courtney of Sartorial Sidelines wore the cute paperbag skirt I custom made for her! check it out here

Moving On





Watched "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" over the weekend. Popcorn Fun.

I honestly didn't like this outfit at all. I think that the jumper is all wrong-- from the color to the fit, it just didn't look or feel right. But I was adamant to wear my new HK swag and hastily paired it with these jeggings instead of just leggings or tights. I've tried styling it afterwards, but I really think the sweater is gonna be a lounger from now on. Ah well, lesson learned. Moving on.

Do you post your fashion mishaps on your blog?

ps. have you entered my giveaways yet? Check the right sidebar for deets!

More Festivities! Hello Kitty Giveaway


Though my birthday is over, I continue to celebrate me. And if you've followed  my blog for a while (or maybe not even that long), you'll know that I have this undying love for Hello Kitty. She is the paragon of cuteness and friendship, my beacon of light in the stormy sea that is my life. I overreact, but that's alright.

I've assembled some cutetastic Hello Kitty items (some of them I actually also bought for myself) for you to win in this giveaway! One lucky winner will get the following:
1. Hello Kitty Tee (size M)
2. Hello Kitty beanie 
3. Hello Kitty I love nerds Keychain
4. Hello Kitty Panda earbuds
5. Hello Kitty Candy Necklace

All you have to do is use the widget below. The giveaway ends on Sunday, Jan 29 and the winner will be announced on either Monday (30) or Tuesday (31st).

*The small print: To enter, you must be at least 18 years old. Open to all readers, US and International. *

Good Luck! 

Other Birthmonth festivities you  may have missed:
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2. Win this gorgeous pursehook from Taryn Zhang

Out of this World: My 27th Birthday Bash

My bestie as Queen Amidala. Me as Wicket. A moisture farmer in the background.
Obi-Wan, Senator Amidala, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker on Dagobah 
Chewbacca and my husband as Darth Maul
Jedi vs Sith. That green light saber hummed! 
Luke, Wicket, and Obi-Wan
Like I mentioned in last Friday's post, I love having an excuse to dress up in costume. To celebrate my turning 27, I threw a Star Wars party and demanded that everyone come dressed in their best galaxy garb. These photos are the best ones I could assemble since I didn't have a camera on me the whole night. I dressed up as Wicket, the most beloved Ewok of all, and my husband (who doesn't like showing his face on le blog) Darth Mauled up like crazy. Fun times.

My costume was, of course, DIY. I made a fuzzy, scalloped edged skirt and fuzzy ears attached to my orange hood. Matched those with some glitter orange polish, and voila-- Ewok.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

This Old Bird


After a week of chilling with my brother and sister, I am back! I had a lovely partay over my birthday weekend, and the pics will be up tomorrow morning. Much drink was had by all, and a feast table to rival Asgard's (ok, not really) boasted morsels of delight. I am spending much of today catching up with blog reading and making more items for the shop! Check often since I'll be adding more stuff this week! 

Well, it's official-- this old bird is 27, dear friends. And surprisingly, I don't feel old at all. Should I?