A Timely Pick Me Up

floral top: Forever 21:: black jeggings: Target:: velvet flats: Old Navy::
heart bracelet: etsy


I've been feeling a bit strained from work lately, so there are days when I just am not really creative with my outfits. I wore this a few days ago when I wasn't really feeling like getting out of bed and trading my bunny slippers for heels. I opted for these cushy velvet flats instead.

I was really glad, though, that this beautiful French-themed makeup palette and gorgeous Eiffel Tower necklace came in the mail for me! I won this lovely duet from Gayle from the blog Gayle's Wishlist. Check it out! She does a lot of posts on beauty products :)

Thanks, Gayle! I can't wait to play with these fabulous goodies!


PS. Have you entered my Harvey Prince Giveaway yet?

Harvey Prince Giveaway

via Harvey Prince

Recently, I was contacted by Harvey Prince, an amazing perfume and skin care company dedicated to creating cruelty-free products for the empowered, sexy, and confident woman. After browsing through their extremely unique and varied perfumes, I picked Eau de Lite which boasts a delightful combination of green apple, peppermint, vanilla, rose, and jasmine.

I wanted to try out a clean and fresh scent for spring, which this perfume absolutely delivers. A bonus is that this particular scent, because of the addition of mint, has been proven to curb one's appetite! That aside, though, I love how this scent makes me feel so invigorated and fresh-- like a beautiful, breezy spring day.

The gracious folks at Harvey Prince are offering one bottle of Eau de Lite to one of my loyal readers! To enter, please use the widget below. The giveaway ends on Thursday, March 9, 2012. Good Luck!

One Sweet Day

black jeggings, turtleneck: Target:: black kitten heels: Payless::
purple cardi: Christopher & Banks:: white faux fur scarf, white faux ostrich purse: thrifted::
lip color: Clinique-- Another Grape

I'll confess: I get attached to ephemera waaaay too easily. I'm not a hoarder, no, not by a long shot, but I do like to keep items because I am convinced that ONE DAY, one sweet day, I will be able to pull off something that was obviously a fad I can't style at the moment. 

Need an example? I'll give you two: these pointy kitten heels and this faux fur scarf. The scarf was a purchase from early spring last year when I sooo wished I had the guts to wear fur without feeling too silly. And the shoes were from my junior year in high school-- 10 freaking years ago

Whoa. 10 years ago, I bought these pointy shoes, stowed them in a box somewhere in Alaska, then lugged them with my all the way to Illinois just so that one day (which happens to be today) I can wear them in all their glory. Sweet.


dress: thrifted and altered:: grey cardi: Sears:: velvet bow necklace: my shop::
thigh highs posing as knee highs: Target:: booties: Deena & Ozzy


This outfit has a very sex...agenarian feel to it. At least I think so. First there's the Mr. Rogers cardigan and the black velvet bow necklace looks like a bowtie. Then, the dress that I thrifted and altered looks like a dress shirt.  And my specs are huge, like, another era huge. Granpappy much?

Nonetheless, I am completely enamored by it. Whenever I look at this blue dress, I can only see myself wearing it exactly like this forever. Well, maybe until it warms up. 

Happy Weekend!


oatmeal jumper: Christopher and Banks:: grey skinnies: Old Navy::
quilted flats: Target:: pink&grey infinity scarf: made it myself
silver/gold bracelets: thrifted

lip color: Revlon Moondrops Lipstick #585 Persian Melon


Even though I have scads of fabric to work with, I opted to crochet instead. Four hours and the first two Batman movies later, I finished this grey and pink, lightweight infinity scarf that keeps me warm while I'm running quick errands or just lounging around in the house in my jammies. I gotta look good even when I'm at home right?

Don't the colors remind you of raspberry smoothie + oatmeal?

Speaking of oatmeal, it's been a while since I've eaten the stuff. I tend to take forever when eating breakfast, and when it involves oatmeal, forever turns to eternity. No amount of sweetness, fruit, or bacon will ever change that.

It's Lovely Being Hand-y

striped jumper: Old Navy:: pink denim: thrifted and altered :: quilted flats: Target::
Hello Kitty panda purse: Hot Topic


The past couple weeks have been really busy in le ch√Ęteau of worldly delights, which means I haven't been able to craft as much as I would like. I really don't care how dorky or dowdy that makes me sound; I love crafting. It feels good to make something with your hands

I wore this a couple days ago when I had a little bit of free time to go peruse craft and fabric stores around town. My panda Hello Kitty purse got loads of compliments, which led to me investigating how the purse was actually made. It looks like it's just faux leather sewn on top of each other! So now, I totally want to delve into leather/faux leather crafting. It can't be that hard, right? 

Do you craft? What kinds of crafts do you make? 

While we're on the topic of crafting, check out the new items in my shop!

That's How I Crop


I hit a speed bump with styling this cropped-ish jumper. I don't usually don cropped tops, but I really loved how soft and smooth this jumper was, and of course, the color reminds me of mermaids and that clean feeling in your mouth after downing a whole container of tictacs. Not that I've done that before. 

Anyway, being super short-waisted, I scrunched the bottom of the sweater up as much as I could to create a slouchy, relaxed look. Paired with some romantic accessories and a not-so-romantic pair of booties, and voila-- Laura outfit.

How do you crop?

Cream-Colored Lace, Not Ponies




lace top: Rue 21:; skirt, bangles, skinny belt: Forever 21:: tights: HUE ::
kitten heels: Madden Girl, thrifted::

Spring came early this year, it seems, as I felt compelled to purge my closet this weekend. I spent a few hours sifting through piles of clothing and pushed myself to actually make up an organization system so I could actually get to wear everything I own. I ended up buying a rack and quite a few hangers, but I also ended up donating two ginormous bags. 

I didn't even know I owned this cream-colored lace top. Now that it's on constant display on the rack, I want to wear it every single day. 

How do you organize your closet?

ps. I am super stoked to be getting some fake tattoos from Fake Tattoos in the mail soon :) Do check their site out for some lovely body art without the commitment. They're offering free worldwide shipping all February!

pps. check out my guest post at Bekah's blog

I Heart Droids


This may sound silly to you, but lately, going to the movies seems to be much more of a hassle than it used to be. And less fun. GAH, I must be getting older. Let me explain. 

Going to the movies usually involves other people, which means agreeing on a good time that works for everyone. THEN, of course people want to go to dinner or drinks before that, so 2.5 hours really isn't enough to allot. In reality, you really need to set aside 3-4 hours. Fine. 

The movie theater is ALWAYS packed with gaggles of teens dropped off by their parents, so really, the parking lot is never an accurate gauge of how busy it is. Some of these teens like to lollygag around the lobby because, you know, when you're a teen, you really have nothing else better to do.

Once you've dodged the pods of teenagers to get your tickets and snacks (because even after dinner and drinks, you still need popcorn and a slushie) you still have to sit through minutes of previews, that is, if you actually find a whole row of seats for you and your friends to sit on. 

Usually, by this time, I'm already a riled up ball of meanness. But not today, folks. Today, I purchased a R2D2 and C3PO heart pin from the ticket booth at the theater. And that made me happy. Because, yeah, I heart droids. 

Green Monster

Ever since Lar talked about her veggie cleanse, I've been obsessed with getting more veggies in my system. I found that drinking my veggies is much easier (and more pleasant to my picky tongue) than chewing them.

Here's the basic recipe I use for my daily green monster:


I usually like using cherries and other berries as my main fruit, but once in a while, I'll throw in whatever is left in my freezer all together. Each smoothie comes out to be around 220-250 calories and is a quick breakfast to go! 

What's your favorite smoothie recipe? 
Share it with me in the comments! I'd love to try it out!



The gorgeous eyeshadow and lippie were sent to me by Cassy! Thanks, luv!



Remember last week when I wrote about my dottiness leading to purchasing the most ridiculously cute thing ever?  Well, folks, I got myself a bunny iphone case that comes with a detachable tail. When I opened it out of the package, I swear, I swooned. Who swoons these days anymore? 

I do

I swooned over this purple lace I spotted on super clearance at Joann's three months ago. It's taken me that long to find some extra time to make myself a skirt. But as soon as I finished, I swooned yet again. I may have to find more lace to satisfy my current lace lust

Happy Valentine's Day! 

The Travelling Mind


I felt a little odd walking around in this outfit. I amassed a multitude of stares and hushed whispers about my choice of color to wear on an extremely chilly and grey day. I've been mentally jetting into spring, which probably explains my hasty purchase of this seafoam green dress. That or because I've been re-watching all the Batman movies lately and have a burning desire to emulate Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale


Is it too early to wear spring colors? 

Leopard Fever


I've been bitten by the leopard bug. Or the leopard, I should say. Thanks to the super fashionable Courtney, I cannot seem to get enough of this fashionable animal print. I got these heels while perusing January inventory sales, and I am uber glad I nabbed them. They seem to go with everything! Or maybe it's just the leopard fever talking.