Because Vera Told Me

grey cardigan: Sears:: white scarf: Rue 21:: ruffled front tank, black jeggings: Target::
brown boots: Munro:: key necklace: Forever 21:: specs: Warby Parker, Sinclair
lip color: Arissa, "Fever"

Though Vera Wang is best known for her gorgeous wedding gowns, I've always idolized her for her effortless layering. Whether they be interview photos or short clips showing a quick glance at the perpetually youthful designer, she is always clad in multiple articles of clothing, draped expertly over her slender frame. 

I'm not even going to try to emulate her grace (because it can't be done... have you seen my duck face?) But here I am trying to work with different lengths and fits. You can't really see it, but the tighter-fit tank I'm wearing has a lot of satin-y ruffles on the front. And the loose, grey cardigan works to comfy the outfit up a bit. Yeah, 2 layers. If you add the scarf, that's 3. And the necklace is 4. I may just be stretching it

Ok, it may not even come close to being "Vera" but the outfit is definitely comfy and will surely be repeated multiple times. 

I'd Rather Downton

black dress: H&M :: green top: thrifted:: pink platforms: ASOS

frog bow: my shop :: glitter collar necklace: DIY (contemplating adding some to the shop)


Because I don't actually watch TV (we have  a TV, but it isn't connected to anything but the wall socket), I'm always late to jump the bandwagon when it comes to hit series and shows. I'd heard of Downton Abbey for sooooo long now, but was never really fully convinced I would like it. 

One of my good friends finally convinced me to watching the first season with her, and we made it a baking-movie-date night complete with these delectable blueberry lemon scones and a bottle of Welch's sparkling grape juice (because we're so classy like that) 



We ended up watching 2 episodes that night, and I finished the rest of season 1 the next day and then season 2 within the next couple days. I'm so hooked. So very happily hooked. And I want to do nothing all day but rewatch episodes of Downton Abbey, while pretending I had all the lovely dresses and long necklaces and gloves the ladies wore.

ps. For some odd reason, while typing up this post, this song (and scene from Kenneth Branagh's Love's Labour's Lost) were stuck in my head:

Holy Balls, I'm Old.

velvet blazer: thrifted:: polka dot jumper:Old Navy::black jeggings: Target::
studded collar: DIY :: bow wedges:Deena & Ozzy::


Over the weekend, my friends and I went to see "The Hunger Games." I had been eagerly anticipating this movie because I have a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the kid guy who played Peeta.

After the movie, we all went to dinner to discuss the film and pick it apart, comparing the cinematic version to the book. In the midst of a thrilling conversation on the power of narration and the brilliance in executing a much more moviegoer-friendly point of view, I happened to wax (drunken) poetic about the gorgeousness of Peeta Mellark.

"Laura, you do know the kid is, like, 14 right?" (He's not, but close enough)
"NO. FREAKING. WAY." frantically checking IMDB on my phone
(shrieks)"holy balls. He was the kid from 'Bridge to Terabithia' and the little child in 'Zathura.' And he was born in 1992."

I have never felt so old in my life.

Probably Too Much Information

DSC00066 (2)
floral dress, wedges: Charlotte Russe:: purple tights: Simply Vera Wang::
specs:Warby Parker, Sinclair::bunny necklace: Forever 21
DSC00063 (2)
Seeeee?My hair is ALMOST waist-length!
DSC00067 (2)DSC00056DSC00057

Let me be intimate with you. I really abhor wearing pants. I've never found them flattering on me ever, and I always feel like I'm wearing way too much material when I'm in trousers. Too much information? Yes? Then keep on reading on.

I have to wear trousers at work since I move quite a lot and do a lot of bending, stretching, etc. etc. Since I've been working a lot lately, I don't get the chance to wear skirts very often, so when I get home and take my pants off, I do a little jig, sing a little happy song, and then don a flowy dress or skirt. 

aaaaaand, with that I end this post.

Glasses Whore

::lip color: Arissa "Fever" ::
striped top:: GAP::cropped cardi, tights: JC Penney :: skirt, necklace: Forever 21::
Batman watch:Hot Topic ::boots: Target

Yep, it's another striped outfit. I'm not quite sure all the outfits I ended up posting this week were stripey. But hey, this outfit's got a Batman watch AND red specs AND a milkshake. 

Take THAT!, other stripey outfits.

I never thought I would ever say this, but I think I'm becoming something of a glasses whore. Specs are just easier to wear instead of makeup and can change one's look drastically. At the moment, I have 4 pairs of prescription wear, 5 (or so) non-prescription frames (not usable at the moment, but great for taking photos) and I'm planning on getting a few more soon. 

I. just. can't. stop. getting glasses. 


I've been itching to change my blog layout for quite some time now, but just never have enough time or patience to just sit down and figure it out. Ok, a big part of it is that I have NO idea what to do with it, either, but that's just a small part of the problem (or so I think it is). So, in the next few days, my blog might look like an arts and crafts project.

Be forewarned. I think it's already that, actually, with the dinosaurs and the kindergarten font going on. UGH. NOT INTENTIONAL!!!

That said, since I'd already spent a lot of time pondering a new look (as well as "working"), I didn't get a proper outfit post written up. Instead, here's a collage of how to make these delicious Black Bottom Cupcakes from Bakerella.

Black Bottom Cupcakes
original recipe here

Picnik collagePicnik collage

Do you like to change your blog layout often? Where do you get inspiration from? Any suggestions for the new layout?

Wonky Weather

striped top, cardi: Sears :: leggings, belt: Forever 21:: leopard bow:my shop!::
lace scarf, leopard heels: Rue 21::

Though the weather's been quite lovely during the daytime, at night sometimes the temps dip quite low again. Which is why I am forced to take photos indoors, warm and snuggly with the heat on. I'm not a fan of transition weather. It's so wonky! One day it's boiling hot, then the next it's toooo cold! I usually get sick during these times in the year, and as I type I do feel like I may be coming down to something. 

How do you feel about this wonky weather we're having?

Shower Epiphany Fail

striped jumper: OldNavy :: Pashmin scarf: gift::bangles, leggings: Forever 21::
boots: Target

While in the shower, I noticed that it was taking quite a while to squeeze out the water from my hair. I ran my fingers down the length of my tresses and noticed that I only had about 3 inches left before the tip reached my waist. Then I had an epiphany:

Holy crap. I am soooo close to looking like Catra

Then reality hit and I remembered that I am extremely short-waisted and nowhere as thin as the villainess. Plus how the heck am I supposed to wear glasses with that headband? 

Happy Monday!

Shades of Cute

yellow top: thrifted:: waistcoat:Urban Outfitters (men's)::bodycon skirt: Forever 21::
Kilowog and Guy Gardner pins: comic con swag::boots: Deena & Ozzy::
knee highs: SteveMadden::scarf:DIY


specs: Warby Parker:: lippie: Clinique "A different grape"

I'm taking advantage of my day off by blogging, reading comics, and replenishing my shop. I know that I used to wail about not having a job, but now that I do, it seems that I never have any time for anything else. Le sigh.

Since the weather's been so gorgeous lately, I've been incorporating more color into my outfits. Now that I'm working my closet in some kind of system, I realized that I had next to no yellow items. This top was thrifted hastily to make up for that oversight. And I couldn't resist draping my crocheted circle scarf over my neck to keep me and my Green Lantern pins warm.

Speaking of color, look at all the beautiful shades of cute in my shop!

Picnik collage
Assorted animal pins, clips, and keychains

Picnik collage
Bow clips to decorate your tresses

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Dead Tired

dress: thrifted::cardi: gift, Aeropostale::velvet flats:Old Navy::
key necklace: Forever 21::

A light Thai soup-- appetizer for a huge meal (not pictured, but was very delicious, thanks)
Thai Iced Tea. No Thai adventure is complete without it. 
Don't freak out. It's just fried birthday cake. Yes, you heard me right. I freaked out at first.
Then took a bite. It was insanely delicious. 

I usually take my outfit photos before I go on my daily adventures be it work or play. There's a simple answer to why I do that-- because I'm a total mess at the end of the day. My skin gets very oily, so I have this not so lovely sheen all over my face by 5:00 pm. Also, I tend to move around a lot, so my clothing gets extremely wrinkly very quickly. But sometimes, there just isn't enough time in the morning to get photos taken.

These pictures were snapped in the evening after a full day of work. We pick up our comics pull list at this amazing little comic book store with walls of posters. I always like to pose in front of the Marvel wall because the DC posters are up a bit too high for me. ;)

When do you take your outfit photos? 
What are your favorite comics?
Same thing, really.