Perfect Clompers

black dress: Target:: neon top: GAP :: necklace: ebay::
bracelet: Forever 21:: purse: Laura Ashley::
wedges: Urban Outfitters

I'd been wanting a nice pair of flat platform sandals for a while now, but haven't had time to go shopping properly or just found too many pairs online that were way out of my budget which temporarily discouraged me from actually getting some. But a few weeks ago, my husband went to Urban Outfitters and bought me these babies! He calls them "clompers," and I call them perfect.

Happy Monday! 

the things that make life worth living

dress: thrifted:: lace: Rue 21:: jewelry: ebay, Forever 21, kohls:: hat: GAP::
boots: Munro, thrifted:: purse: Laura Ashley:: crochet socks: handmade present, from Spain


Today I spent most of my time just plopping around the house, catching up with comic books, crafting, and playing some video games. I love lazy days like this when I can just kind've breathe and enjoy the things that make life worth living. Like popcorn. I love those little bottles of flavor powder that you sprinkle on your popcorn. I used to be a white cheddar kind of gal, but I accidentally mixed some cheddar to kettle corn powder and was totally hooked. It's got the sweet, salty, and cheesy goodness all rolled in one bite. 

It's the small things, you know?  

Have a delightful weekend!♥

Goal Makin'

peach top: Loft:: vest: Urban Outfitters:: jeggings: Target::
shoes: Kenneth Cole, thrifted:: pocket watch: borrowed from my husband::
foxy clip: my shop!
lipstick: Clinique's Pink Spice
cat eye specs and a foxy pin!

I do love menswear feminized. If I could, I would wear a variation of this outfit every single day. After putting this outfit together, I stepped into the kitchen to my husband eating his breaky, and he blurted that I looked like a "banker from the Wild West" or an "accountant from the 20s." 

Whatever. It works for me. 

Earlier today, it struck me that I would have less than 3 years before I turned 30. So I hastily scrambled up a 30 before 30 list. I wrote out 3 goals, then got all frazzled. Have any of you made similar lists? Care to share  goals on your lists?  

Candy of the Cotton Variety in Dress Form

dress, panda necklace: Forever 21:: bow belt: GAP::
heels: Bongo:: purse: present (JC Penney, I think)


I like this outfit. I don't even know if I can call it an outfit, really, since I just threw on a belt, a necklace, and some shoes before I ran out the door for an impromptu dinner with my husband. It's simple, and I like it.

That's really all I have to say about it. 

Oh, and COTTON CANDY dress, right? 

ps. Thanks for the suggestions for styling my hair with the bangs. I've been experimenting!!!

Mooncake Head

black dress: Target:: skull and crowns scarf: ebay:: blazer: Old Navy::
boots: Deena & Ozzy :: purse: Laura Ashley:: tights: Express::
bracelet: Forever 21:: glasses: c/o Glasses USA, similar
only had time for lipstick today: Clinique's Pink Spice

Sorry for the confusion. My bangs are definitely choppity chopped, (here's the proof!) but I have a backlog of outfits I haven't blogged about yet. I'm still getting used to my shorter bangs, and getting ready in the morning is definitely more of a challenge for me now because I my bangs stick out a lot and have to be straightened. (I know, my life is sooooo hard) To give you a taste of my new hair in outfit form, I sent these photos to the front of the blogging queue, but you'll still see some outfits from when the bangs were non-existent.

Though I'm liking the blunt bangs so far, I have to admit, I'm at a loss for hairstyles right now. I also totally think that my huge, round Asian face is made even more round and huge by the framing of the bangs. Sometimes I think I look like a mooncake,  then I remind myself that mooncakes are delicious (and, by logic, so is my face. Right?) 

The Short and The Boobies

outfit: orange dress: Tommy Bahama, thrifted:: blazer: Old Navy (old)::
leaf cuff: H&M (old):: leopard heels: Rue 21 (old)
makeup: eyes: Physician's Formula gel liner:: lips: CQ 04 Peach Perfect

More colorful outfits, yes, but I can't seem to stay away from black. I was afraid that this pairing would look a bit Halloween-ish, but I think it's ok. I planned on wearing this outfit to work and took photos, but at the very last minute, I switched this blazer out for a more fitted one that's a cross between a cardigan and a blazer. This blazer is just a bit too boxy and long for wearing with a dress, methinks. 

It's a constant problem I have with blazers, really. I'm extremely short and (just a tad) busty, so petite-sized blazers don't really fit well. It's one of the big reasons why I wear a lot of cardigans. They can deal with the short and the boobies.


outfithello kitty cardi: Forever 21:: tutu dress: thrifted:: skull and crowns scarf: eBay::
shoezies: Converse:: 
makeup: eyes: UD Lost + Midnight Cowgirl
piggy oink hair bow: my shop :)

I just did something drastic. I played the "I'll show you" game again and went off and snippy snipped my bangs. I never thought I would say this, but I'm kinda liking the blunt bang look. I now look like my celebrity idol: Edna Mode. My life goal is complete.

Obv, I don't have blunt bangs in these pictures, but if you wanna see, head over to my facebook page and ya know, like it while you're there :)


floral dress, mint jacket: thrifted:: lace top: Rue 21::
floral heels: Forever 21:: bow belt: GAP:: purse: Laura Ashley


One of my co-workers remarked that since she hasn't seen me wear patterns, I must, therefore, be totally scared of them. In retaliation (because to me, it's all a game of "I'll show you") I threw this outfit on. In my head, it totally works, but to my eyes it seems like I'm overcompensating for not having pattern-wearing guts.  

In other news...

How are you guys (by guys I mean, readers, of course) doing? I feel like I haven't been a good blog reader lately, so I just wanna check in and hope that you all are dandy. Nothing new going on with moi. I've been toying with the idea of making a video/vlog soon, but have the following problems impeding me from going through with it: 
1. I mumble.
2. I have no clue how to edit videos.
3. I mumble.
4. I have to clean an area of my house to shoot the video in.
5. CAKE.

Ok, #5 is not really a problem, more like a daydream. Though, wouldn't it be marvelous if I had a ginormous cake blocking most of my living room? Ant problem, sure, but it would be a delicious problem that's fo sho.

Forever Grey

skirt worn as dress, teal belt: thrifted:: grey cardi:Status::
purse: Laura Ashley:: hat: GAP:: boots: Deena & Ozzy::
bracelet: Forever 21


After a quick  assessment of the rainbow-ness of my wardrobe, I realized that my rainbow meter is VERY LOW. What, Laura, in your insanity, do you mean by 'rainbowness?' Rainbow-ness is the variety of color in one's closet. Since I now TRY my hardest to keep my clothes is colorifical order, a quick glance at it tells me that I need to add brighter hues or else I'll be "forever grey", which is like being "forever alone" but in grey scale.

Beary Cute

bear top, skirt: Forever 21:: red cardi: Christopher and Banks::
bow wedges: Urban Outfitters:: cherry necklace: from Zoe!
black purse: Laura Ashley:: R2D2 & C3PO Robot love pin: local movie theater


Ever since Lar started blogging about dressing more ethically, I have been consciously trying not to shop at large retailers. This is my last (to-date) purchase from Forever 21 bought a month or so ago, influenced by the lovely Marie's Panda outfit

I have to admit that even though my 6-month shopping ban has made me a more conscientious shopper, it's really hard to walk out of Forever 21 empty-handed, especially when they have so many cute and cheap clothes. But I'm trying my hardest and saving my pennies. 

I realize that most of my wardrobe is still made up of pieces from cheaper stores like Forever 21, H&M, & Urban Outfitters, but I am slowly integrating more thrifted pieces or handmade goods into my closet. It's just so darn expensive. >.<

Crafting FTW

A few days ago, I received one of the most heartwarming emails I have ever gotten. It was from a customer from my store who was just dropping a line to tell me about how much she and her friends have enjoyed the goodies from the shop. At the end of her message she told me that she appreciated my crafting, and I just about melted. (Which is weird, because if you know me, then you'd be aware of my ice queen tendencies. I'm not unfriendly, just cold. And mean. But only if you don't know me. heh.)

Crafting has definitely been a source of great happiness and comfort for me. It eases my mind after a long and unrewarding day at work, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. So despite my tiredness and crankiness, I finally busted out some fabric and made some bows (pins will come later!). Thanks to my lovely supporters, I will be crafting forever!!!!!

If you're a bow fanatic, like moi, then now's the best time to stock up on them. Clicky click on the photos and links to take you to my fabtastic bow sale!

Pick 3 bows for $8.75
Pick 5 bows for $12.75

Take your pick from 21 different styles:

Train of Thought Derailed

cardi, capris: JC Penney:: pink ruffle top: Christopher and Banks::
pink mary janes: ASOS:: pearl necklace: from the Philippines, a present from my mom

For some odd reason, I am always drawn to ruffles. The attraction is soooo ridiculous that I consciously have to stop myself every time I see something with ruffles because if not, I would have a closet full of ruffly clothing. And that wouldn't be very flattering. 

            ...(<-- stands for a pause of about 20 minutes)

Ok. I lost my train of thought. I finally got my mitts on Season One of "Meerkat Manor" and I HAVE to watch it now. I mean, c'mon. There's a meerkat named Shakespeare. And Samwise Gamgee is narrating it. Must stop blogging for now.