sock it to me

Again with the darker colors. But this time, I tried to brighten things up with bits of pink. And socks. Because my feet have been aching so much from standing the whole time I'm at work. The problem with being a vain girl is that you still want to wear heels even after being on your pained feet for 8 hours. That's where the socks become handy dandy, even during a hot summer day. 

dark color fix

Over the weekend, I was invited to a pretty radtacular birthday party. One of my former co-workers turned 60, and I was extremely humbled to be among such an amazing group of women celebrating the event. I partook in a very scrumptious spread that boasted fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, goat cheese tart, lox with horseradish, and an array of fruity desserts. Of course, they're not pictured because I was too excited to eat and probably had too much to drink to remember to take out my camera. What I did get a photo of, however, are the cute, little succulents that we were given as party favors. Sweet idea, no?

On to the outfit. Lately, after all my recent colorful outfits, I'm gravitating towards darker colors again. The crap thing is that it's still 90+boiling degrees outside, and darker colors trap more heat. So I guess I'm gonna try to spend more time indoors until either I get my dark color fix or until it's Fall. One more month of unbearable heat and humidity?  Please.

I love you, but you don't know what you're talking about


all my bracelets are DIY


After a month of postponing, I finally watched Moonrise Kingdom. And, oh my gosh, was it adorable. I won't go into it, since I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I'll say this:

I think that Sam and Suzy's lovestory is akin to my own: ridiculous but endearing, punctuated by bouts of madness (insanity AND frustration).  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. My husband and I like so many similar things but are so completely different that most of the time, our stock response to each other is: "I love you, but you don't know what you're talking about."  It's so true.

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom?

help a gal out:: too many lovelies to choose from

Lime Sherbet Dress:: $79.95 47.95
Flying Birds Tee:: $49.95 29.95
Budding Blooms Dress:: $69.95 41.95
Budding Blooms Blouse:: $59.95 35.95
Mrs. Draper's Day Dress:: $64.95 54.95

I'm in a bit of a spot. eShakti is having a huge sale, some items up to 40% off, and I can't choose which of these lovelies to get.  In case you aren't familiar with them, eShakti specializes in custom-styled and custom-sized dresses, tops, and skirts.  They have some of the cutest fabrics, and I am simply in love with their retro-inspired pieces! Check out how I wore this lovely eShakti cape here and here.

Anyway, I can't decide whether or not I want a top or a dress. What do you think? Which item should I get? 

If you want to get yourself a lovely treat, I recommend checking out the lovely selection at eShakti. Get an extra 10% off even sale items with this code: DE24RDX which is good until July 31st. 

the last day of a long weekend


Today is the last day of my 5-day weekend, and I'm feeling very refreshed. Not ready to go back to work at all tomorrow, but I had a great break. I got a whole lot of crafting done, and I even started a crafting blog where I share my stories about making stuff.

On Sunday, my bestie surprised me by driving down from Chicago, on a whim, to watch The Dark Knight Rises with my husband and me. It was a long, long movie, but well worth it. I wasn't a huge Christopher Nolan-Batman fan until this movie. I thought Batman Begins was boring, The Dark Knight  was unnecessarily long (but with amazing performances), and TDKR was just superb. Don't get me wrong: there were flaws, but the movie was just sooooo good. Tom Hardy was a beast, and Anne Hathaway? She was inspiring. I'd say she's the best Catwoman of all the Catwomen, Eartha Kitt included.   

the prison that is my closet


About a year ago, I happened to see this Stella McCartney dress that Alexa Chung wore and basically just gasmed over it. I immediately bought some fabric for the bows and scoured every vintage/thrift store for a long white dress so I could make myself one, but realized, after finding a rather matronly frock that it would probably look better if I just stuck to a shirt covered in bows instead of going head to toe dressed up like a present.

I spent a couple hours experimenting with bow sizes, shapes, and placement before I finally got it right. Then this shirt stayed in my closet for almost a year. 

I'm glad I am slowly busting gems like this this bow top and this white dress out now. Somehow it makes me feel less like a warden.

ps. I'm guest posting on Tiffany's blog, so if you wanna know 10 ridiculous things about me, head on over there now!

she's back


Though it's only been a couple days since I last posted, it feels like I haven't done any blogging in months. I wish I had a really cool excuse like, "Oh, I went on an impromptu trip to the Bahamas." or "Yeah, writing my book really got in the way of my free time." But the sad reality of it is that I was working a lot and couldn't squeeze in any time to do anything fun. 

The happy news is that I am off for the next five days. I worked 10 days straight, and hell yes, I deserve this break. I already plan to fill each of these days with yumminess. As I type, I am waiting for some cinnamon rolls to rise. And don't worry, catching up with all your blogs is definitely on my list. I've missed you all! 



It's humid. Good gosh, it's ridiculously humid these days. I spend most of my days indoors, or when I need to go out, I dress in as few pieces of clothing as possible that can be deemed "decent." I don't mind the heat as much, but when it feels like I can hardly take a breath of air, I feel a bit claustrophobic. 

A couple days ago, when we finally were graced with a bit of rain, I ventured out to take a quick stroll in the now-cooled park. It wasn't perfect weather, and it was still boiling hot. But I was getting antsy and needed some nature time. It's times like these that I am so glad that I am as short as I am. I'm 5'3/4" and proud. Less height= shorter legs. And short skirts end up covering a lot of leg for someone so short. 

ps. I have one more galaxy bow with this design left in my shop! Snag it while you can!

a bit of country bootie


If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I got these awesome Express cowboy booties on super clearance a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I've been "practice-wearing" them when I ran errands or for quick trips to the library or the grocers. I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots, but alas, I inherited my dad's thick calves, so finding a pair that isn't gigantic on my feet just so I can slip them up my legs deterred me from ever owning some.

Enter the bootie. Booties have definitely saved me from pulling my hair out over not being able to wear certain boot styles. And when you add Cowboy to Bootie? It's like my dream just manifested itself on earth. 

who's a caffeine fiend?



Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that I don't drink as much caffeine as I used to. During my college years, I would guzzle pots and pots of coffee just to be able to keep up with studying. I ultimately bought an espresso maker that broke within a couple weeks. Yes, I may have overworked it.

But ever since I graduated, I haven't felt the need to imbibe. I don't even miss its flavor or aroma. Every once in a while, I'll indulge in a Spanish latte to treat myself to an early morning perk-me-up, but I have to be extremely exhausted or unmotivated to even consider getting one. Are you a caffeine fiend?

I still have a couple of outfits backlogged from before I got my haircut/color. So you'll be seeing my all-black hair for just a little bit more :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!