Hey there! I'm Laura.

Welcome to my teeny corner of the interwebs where I post about all the worldly things that delight me. Here's a short list:

1. Books. Mostly fiction but also lots of non-fiction on Science, Anthropology, and History. I am also known to love cheesy food-themed cozy mysteries. 
2. Cats. Especially my 3 mewmews.
3. Comics. I'm pretty obsessed. My current faves Daredevil, Saga, Archer & Armstrong, Earth 2, and The Superior Foes of Spiderman.
4. Food. OMG I love food.
5. All things cute. I am drawn to pastel colors, fuzzy and soft textures, and sweetness. Increasingly, my tastes have gone from full-blown kawaii madness to a more muted type of cute, which I like to call "minimalist kawaii."  I even opened a shop to sell my cute wares. Check it out
6. Getting dressed. I've always liked putting outfits together, no matter what kind of "style" I was in to in whatever point in my life. Currently, I'm really digging simple cuts, looser fits, and trying to look taller, which is no easy feat for a barely-5' gal such as myself.