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A Pho-ntastic Time... and my disgusting habits


It snowed yesterday. And it's brutally cold outside. Too cold to take photos outside even if the lighting is optimal. I'm not that crazy, folks. But yesterday was the perfect time to get some pho in my belly! It's cold, winter days like this when I am content as a bug with just a large bowl of hot, spicy broth with tons of noodles, bean sprouts, and Sriracha.

I took photos of my food before I doused it in that red, hot goodness. If you saw how red the broth was, you would think I was eating Tabasco sauce (which I HATE, btw). I am quite disgusting when it comes to eating pho, shabu-shabu, or hotpot, so I never go out to do that with friends. I like my food sooooo spicy, I won't eat it unless it makes the snot run out of my nose. I know, disgusting.

What do you eat on cold, wintry days? 

Batwings and Nonsense. You know, a Lauratypical Monday




top: Pitaya:: denim: Old Navy:: heels: Target:: scarf, bow pin: DIY
Na nana na na nana nana BATWINGS! Apparently, not everyone is kosher with flowy-sleeve tops like this one I'm wearing. A lot of people asked me if I felt like a bird, flapping my wings.

Nope. To be honest, I felt like Batman, even though he doesn't have wings, he glides with his massive cape. That or I feel like a sugar glider.

How is everyone doing today, especially with all the holiday rush and whatnot? I haven't been the best of bloggers with the blogreading and replying, I know, but I'm trying really hard so please, bear with me. Or you know, bare with me and let's both take our clothes off. 

Cue (not queue) awkward silence. Cricket sounds in the background. Curtains fall.  aaaand, that's a wrap. 

The Shop of Worldly Delights


I am so excited to tell you all that I have finally opened my 
etsy shop!

Meet Tim Bear! He's a sweet, fuzzy bear who likes to take walks in the Woodsy Forest!

This is Sly Pete, a fox who likes to play little tricks on all his friends!

Say Hi to Cessily Quack the fashionable duck. She has pouty lips and wears bows wherever she goes!

And, this is Baron Bunny, a dapper rabbit who loves monocles, bow ties, and tea

I also have a few non-animal accessories for sale!

Orange Flower Pin: use as a brooch for your cardigan, blazer, hair elastic, or purse!

Green Bow Necklace to add some cute, colorful flair to any outfit.

Click on any of the photos to get to each specific listing for each item or use the slideshow on the side to get to my shop! Stop by and check it out-- I'm working on adding even more accessories!

I am so grateful for all the support you've given me! This 6-month challenge has given me the spark and inspiration to craft accessories, but your comments and continued support to my blogging endeavors has fueled that fire. Cheesy, I know, but I'm very thankful.

Have a wonderful beginning of your week!