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The Culling Continues

And The Culling continues! I've had this collared shirt from GAP for a few years now. I may have thrifted it at one point and nabbed it because it was something I thought I could wear when I taught. PLUS it's a collared shirt without buttons! And I "hate" button down shirts, you guys. By "hate" I mean "I wish I could wear them without having to get them two sized bigger so they don't pucker across my boob area."

Turns out, I don't like collared shirts anyway, and I quite forgot that I had this one to begin with. I paired it with this selfmade skirt with a pretty crane pattern and my trusty kissing birds belt to hide the unsightly elastic waist. Though I got lots of compliments at work, I'm relegating this top to my growing give away pile and hopefully replacing it with something a bit more form fitting and flattering. 

I'm so happy that lots of you think The Culling is a great idea! I've become a much more selective shopper since I went on my 6-Month Challenge a couple years ago, and I now really think about what I buy. It still pains me (most times) to spend what I think is tons of money on clothing, especially because I've lived on a grad student budget for almost a decade, but I just have to remind myself that quality trumps quantity any day!
thrifted GAP shirt :: selfmade crane skirt :: Target tights::
Blowfish wedges :: Susan Harbourt wishbone necklace
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laugh face

coat: thrifted
floral peplum top: dots
dress and cardi: Forever 21
tights: HUE
boots: Target
wishbone necklace: Susan Harbourt via Vintage Karma
Let's be clear about one thing: I like to share my outfits, not my poses, for the simple reason that I can't pose. I'm not naturally photogenic, nor do I know how to make love to the camera. Honestly, people, what does that mean? My husband, B, usually takes my photos, so we're both very aware of my inability to be interesting in front of the camera, but my sisters don't know about that. So they made faces while taking these photos. And I laughed.

So now that you've seen my laugh face (aka my "where have my eyes gone?" face), I have no secrets left to keep. Open book, you guys, open book.

Today, I got the itch to craft, so I busted out the ol' needle and thread and sewed and sewed and sewed until I poked holes in my fingers. Then I treated myself to an acai bowl  and took pictures of the mountains I saw during the drive home.